At Greenlight Human Capital
every case is important, every problem
has a solution and every outcome counts.

Workplace Assessment
An assessment of the demands of the pre-injury role and all employment roles at a workplace with respect to the worker's transferable skills, qualifications and experience including evidence-based commentary on suitable employment.

Return to Work Planning and Case Management

Facilitation of upgrades commensurate with increasing capacity

On-site functional education and job modification

Liaison and negotiation with all stakeholders

Medical case Conferences

Attendance at Claims Reviews

Regular Reporting 

At Greenlight Human Capital
every case is important, every problem
has a solution and every outcome counts.

Greenlight vocational redirection services provide excellence in assessment, goal setting and placement into new employment. From fixed-price services to ongoing support we utilise our extensive labour market knowledge and job seeking services to place clients back into the workforce swiftly and harmoniously. Specific services include:

Vocational Assessment and Counselling
A rigorous process of assessing a person's education, qualifications, work history and transferable skills and matching this with realistic suitable employment prospects based on recent and accurate labour market information.

Negotiation of goals with stakeholders.

Facilitation of sign-off by all key parties.

Job Skills Training
A comprehensive program teaching resume preparation, marketing materials, employer contacts, online job search, injury disclosure and interview practice.

Active job seeking Assistance
Intensive job seeking assistance including sleek and contemporary written applications using graphic design software.

Utilising vocational programs
High utilisation of Work Trials, JobCover Placement program and Transition to Work programs where appropriate.

At Greenlight we constantly
keep abreast of the ever-changing
personal injury landscape.

Our expert assessment reports demonstrate this commitment. Our assessments can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Greenlight uses only the most experienced assessors and practitioners. We use the best tools, clinical evaluation methods and labour market information to produce assessments that are effective, comprehensive, clear and evidence-based.

Workplace Assessment
A comprehensive assessment of job demands, available suitable duties and a proposed graded upgrading plan.

Functional Assessment
A structured interview and physical evaluation using standardised assessment tools to evaluate a person’s demonstrated capacity for employment in terms of hours and physical capabilities.

Vocational Assessment
Where recent functional and/or medical information is available to make suitable employment recommendations. Assessment includes: structured interview which identifies a worker’s education, qualifications, licenses and transferable skills, labour market research including statistical data, analysis of current job vacancies and local employer contact, earning potential, comparable earnings assessment and nominated treating doctor written feedback.

Market Research and Analysis
Current labour market information such as job availability, average weekly income, employment outlook, job prospects, vacancy/ job turnover trends and gender breakdown, and comparable earnings assessment. 

Earning Capacity Assessments
Combining a functional assessment and a vocational assessment to determine a person’s physical and vocational capacity to earn.  Clear and concise options, supported by evidence that meets all regulatory standards.

Assessment and development of a job seeking strategy
A time limited training program which includes, upgrading computer skills, guidance on how to access advertised vacancies, training on how to access non-advertised vacancies and strategies for disclosure of an injury to a future employer. Development of job-seeking plan for the client, a proposed number of advertised and non-advertised vacancies to be applied for each week and where to find them.  Includes strategies to monitor the performance of job seeking support required and recommendations for escalation.

Experienced Occupational Therapists providing
expert assessment and intervention aimed at maximising injured persons' independence
at home, work and in the community. 

Specific services include:

Activities of daily living (ADL) Assessment
A comprehensive assessment of a person’s ability to perform all aspects of daily life including personal care, transport, work, domestic tasks, leisure and community integration. Recommendations are provided, which may include education on task simplification/modification end energy conservation, prescription of equipment to aid independence, or temporary personal care or domestic assistance to allow adequate recovery from injury or surgery.

ADL Upgrading programs
The provision of graded upgrading plans to assist injured persons to reassume their previous responsibilities on a gradual basis with the support of a trained therapist.

Home Modifications
For those clients with significant injuries where their previous dwellings require modification for them to return to safely and independently. Our occupational therapists assess environmental barriers and provide solutions in conjunction with architects and tradespersons in order to ensure that both clients’ needs and building standards are simultaneously met.