Passionate Industry

We know that experience plays an enormous part in delivering a superior level of service to our clients and achieving return to work success. That’s why we’ve restricted our recruitment to only the most practised professionals from the fields of Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation Counselling  and Recruitment. We have carefully chosen our people based on their successful history in their fields and a passion for our industry.

With decades of collective experience and skills spanning a broad range of industries, injuries and claims schemes, our partners have a wealth of knowledge partly gained through having held senior roles in national service-oriented organisations. We came together with complementary skills and professional backgrounds in order to do things differently and to this day we play a hands-on roles delivering services to our customers as well as managing consultants and business operations. By remaining close to customers, clients and regulators, our services remain focused and our quality unparalleled.

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Christine Pryce

Christine Pryce is a psychologist who has had a career in the provision of employment services spanning twenty years across both private and community based organisations. Through her unparalleled understanding of the labour market and the issues facing job seekers, she has developed industry-leading placement and vocational models that consistently achieve outstanding results. Her passion for the industry and refreshing style promotes motivation and confidence in candidates that ultimately leads to employment success.


Rachel Paramor

Rachel Paramor is a social worker whose two decade industry career has allowed her to develop an unequalled understanding of occupational medicine and rehabilitation across worker’s compensation, Compulsory Third Party and various government schemes. Rachel has a unique understanding of the impact medical and psychosocial factors can have on the achievement of outcomes and has led many successful complex claims and pilot projects in recent years.


Gary Stretton

Gary Stretton is an occupational therapist with over 18 years rehabilitation industry experience in both technical and managerial roles. This has allowed him to become an expert advisor in the areas of return to work management, premium minimisation and dispute resolution. Coupled with Masters level business qualifications this expertise has enabled him to become a trusted advisor to individuals, employers and regulators alike.