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Greenlight Human Capital was born in 2010 out of a desire to share our expertise in injury and disability management with individuals and organisations to help them set and achieve their goals. We do this by listening to our clients and providing tailored, customised services unique to their needs. Our clients' engagement, 
empowerment and satisfaction are paramount and this guiding principle is at the heart of everything we do.  

We are a progressive consulting organisation staffed by health professionals skilled in injury and disability management, employment placement, career counselling and workplace consultancy. If you are an individual who is looking for help to join the workforce or achieve other life goals, an employer seeking candidates to fill job vacancies or assistance to solve workplace problems or a personal injury insurer needing high quality services delivered by experienced and passionate staff, our business exists to meet your needs.

Currently providing services to individuals and businesses across a broad range of areas, our focus is on assisting our clients to achieve their employment and other life goals through thorough problem analysis and the provision of tailored support solutions that enable this to happen swiftly, safely and harmoniously.

Greenlight Human Capital provides only the most experienced consultants to help our clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of personal injury and disability management to ensure their rights are understood, their obligations and responsibilities are met and their workplaces are as productive as possible.


Every client is important

Greenlight Human Capital’s guiding principle is to always provide value to our clients by focusing on their goals and providing solutions to their problems. We believe in putting people back into work and other life roles faster and smarter, and we do this by delivering innovative and cost-effective products that keep us accountable.

Greenlight Human Capital consultants believe in doing less of what doesn’t matter and more of what does. Our consultants know from decades of experience what yields success for our clients in achieving their goals and that’s why we use a modern approach based on collaboration and shared responsibility.

We endeavour to understand the unique challenges faced by each and every one of our clients and work in partnership to overcome them.

At Greenlight Human Capital every client is important, every problem has a solution and every outcome counts.